2C-B is the most commonly used substance in the 2C series, a group of synthetic drugs derived from the molecular structure of mescaline. It was first synthesized in 1974 and was sold as a legal high in many countries for some time. 2C-B was regulated by the UN in 2001 and is considered a narcotic drug in Norway today.
10-25 milligrams (oral)
10-15 milligrams (snorted)
4-6 hours
Acute toxicity: ⦿⦿⦾⦾⦾ (Low risk)
Long-term toxicity: ⦿⦿⦾⦾⦾(Low risk)
Dependence: ⦿⦿⦾⦾⦾ (Low risk)
Cognitive problems: ⦿⦿⦾⦾⦾ (Low risk)
Undesirable events: ⦿⦿⦿⦾⦾ (Moderate risk)
Interactions: ⦿⦿⦾⦾⦾ (Low risk)

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