Nitrous oxide (laughing gas)

Nitrous oxide is a gas used for anesthesia and pain relief. When inhaled, it produces short-lived, but intense hallucinogenic effects characterized by dissociation and distorted auditory perceptions.
Approximately 8 grams (one regular-sized balloon)
2-5 minutes
Acute toxicity: ⦿⦿⦾⦾⦾(Low risk)
Long-term toxicity: ⦿⦿⦿⦾⦾ (Moderate risk)
Dependence: ⦿⦿⦾⦾⦾ (Low risk)
Cognitive problems: ⦿⦿⦿⦾⦾ (Moderate risk)
Undesirable events: ⦿⦿⦿⦾⦾ (Moderate risk)
Interactions: ⦿⦿⦾⦾⦾ (Low risk)

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